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Music For Piano Lessons was created by Yvonne Johnson, an Australian based teacher, composer and arranger with diplomas in both Teaching and Theory of Music from Trinity College of Music. Retiring after 30 years as a private piano teacher, Yvonne now devotes her time to composing and providing teaching materials for the Music For Piano Lessons website.

The website created especially for teachers and students offers original, graded pieces and resources for the beginning through to intermediate piano student.
"Hello and welcome to Music For Piano Lessons,

One of the challenges of being a piano teacher is providing supplementary pieces for earlier level students that not only help develop their technique, but are also easy and fun to play. Most of the piano pieces available on this site are teaching pieces and studies I have written over the years for my own students.

I have also created numerous free theory worksheets, exercises and resources for teachers and students to download. The theory worksheets and activity sheets can be used as extra material alongside any of the theory workbooks available.

Music for the earlier levels has been purposely written using only easy and familiar keys (most are in C Major). By not adding new and unfamiliar information students are able to focus solely on technique and interpretation. The majority of pieces in Beginner/Level 1 are one page only, which is better suited for the beginning student's concentration levels and gives younger students a sense of achievement.

Music is so much fun. I love composing, especially for the piano and I hope you find these pieces a useful and enjoyable addition to your regular method and supplementary books. New material added to the site can be found under 'Latest Additions' on the homepage.

Have fun browsing and thank you for visiting my site. If there is something you would like to see added to the site, please contact me via support and if it's possible I'll put it on my 'to do' list".

Yvonne Johnson

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