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Level 4
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Song For Erin
Level 4        2 Pages

Gently flowing Level 4 study written for one
of my students.This piece with its major 7th harmonies needs to be played in a singing
style with sensitivity and imagination.
$1.95  USD
Letter Size
A4 Size
Letter Size
A4 Size
$1.95  USD
Level 4         2 Pages

Lyrical Level 4 study in style, ornaments
and RH variations on a theme.This piece
could also be played effectively without ornaments.
The Little Harpsichordist
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First Tango
Level 4       2 Pages

Lively Level 4 piece written to help students
co-ordinate the Habanera rhythm. The 2 bar
intro establishes the rhythm which is played
in a five finger position throughout the chord
changes. RH gradually develops into broken
chord and eighth (quaver) note patterns.
$1.95  USD
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A4 Size
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The pieces in this level were written to help students develop their interpretative skills and require a more mature technique with sensitive playing and attention to style.

Techniques used in these pieces include finger pedalling, ornaments, trilling, rubato and cantabile touch.
Little Lullaby
Level 4       1 Page

This lyrical Level 4 study in the style of Brahms and requires a cantabile RH, a
gently rocking LH and careful pedalling.
$1.00  USD
Letter Size
A4 Size